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August 13 - 7 Elul 5773 – starting the 5th week of consolation - Lattice Pendant of cast-bronze

August 13
7 Elul 5773 –starting the 5th week of consolation
There are 7 Weeks of Consolation between Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah.

Lattice Pendant of cast-bronze using the ancient lost-wax method

The lattice window in the wooden synagogue in Gwozdziec, as well as other Polish synagogues, located on the western wall ‘…was a conduit for the passage of prayer to God and a place within the synagogue through with God / Shekhinah, concealed behind the lattice, could observe the congregation....The lattice serves as an architectural device to simultaneously conceal and reveal God's presence to the congregation....’
    -Thomas C. Hubka, Resplendant Synagogue, Brandeis University Press of New England, 2003, p. 154

This pendant is in the series of pendants based on Jewish art motifs and sources.  The Sukkah Soul pendants offer a connection to our past so we feel close to our history.

Also inspired by ancient coins and seals, these pendants are worn by women and men for casual or dress attire.

Pendants will be available soon on the Sukkah Soul website.

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2 -inch diameter

Worn by women and men for casual or dress attire