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August 29 - 11 Elul 5772 - 4 weeks until your Sukkah Soul sukkah goes up right after Yom Kippur

It is an Ashkenazi custom to read Psalm 27 from 1 Elul to Hoshana Rabbah, the 7th day of Sukkot.  The Midrashic exegesis teaches us:


‘God is my Light…’ on Rosh Hashanah


‘…and my salvation…’ on Yom Kippur


‘…for He will hide me in His sukkah…’  on Sukkot.


The Hebrew name for the Psalms is Tehillim and consists of 150 songs. The word Psalm has a Greek derivation having to do with music, song and an instrument.  The Psalms are often attributed to David and many Psalms begin with ‘To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.’  Scholars date the writings somewhere between 1000 BCE and 500 BCE.

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This is a mosaic of David from the ancient synagogue in Gaza built around 500 CE and discovered in 1965.  It is now in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  David is wearing a crown and playing a lyre.  The Hebrew says ‘David.’