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December 5 - 21 Kislev 5773

Hanukkah Eve is this Saturday, 24 Kislev.


Hanukkah Lamp, by the Amsterdam silversmith Harmanus Nieuwenhuys

Silver, Netherlands, 1751

On long-term loan to the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam from the Historic Collections Trust of the House of Orange-Nassau


‘This Hanukkah Lamp was purchased at an auction by Queen Wilhelmina in 1907 as a present for her mother, Queen Emma.


The silver lamp is in the rococo style and has eight oil lamps….In the Netherlands, this variety of lamp, the 'bench type' with a mirror monogram on the panel - the identity of the family is unknown in this case- was used mainly by Portuguese Jews. Ashkenazi Jews typically use candles. With its lavish rococo decorations, this Chanukah lamp from the royal collections is a magnificent and valuable addition to the collection of the Jewish Historical Museum.’

-From the website

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