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February 25 – 15 Adar 5773 - Shushan Purim

Shushan Purim


Purim is celebrated today in Jerusalem.  Purim used to be celebrated in walled cities on 15 Adar, and now that occurs only in Jerusalem.


Detail from Esther’s Offering; Esther preparing for her wedding

Lilian Broca, mosaic, Queen Esther series, 2004-7


 ‘Created in classical Byzantine style but with a contemporary sensibility, Broca’s mosaics literally give light - and life - to the complex personality of Esther:  the Jewish queen of Persia who, through sheer courage and genius, rose from shy obscurity to become her people’s savior.’ from ‘The Hidden and the Revealed, The Queen Esther Mosaics of Lilian Broca’

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