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July 25-18 Av 5773 – in the 7 Weeks of Consolation betw. Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah / conch pedant

July 25
18 Av 5773 – within the Seven Weeks of Consolation between Tisha B’Av & Rosh Hashanah / Conch shell inspires jewelry pendant for men and women

The conch shell is an ancient symbol used by many ancient cultures. It is found in images of the Torah Shrine, the niche for the scrolls located on the wall facing Jerusalem in ancient synagogues.

‘Its position at the top of the niche which served as an ark [in Dura Europos synagogue] stressed the spiritual meanings given to the conch in Jewish tradition.  From this position, it served to protect the Torah and to bestow a feeling of security on behalf of the invisible almighty power.’
from ‘Living Symbols; Symbols in Jewish Art and Tradition,’ Ida Huberman, Modan Publisher Ltd., 1996, p. 35

Sukkah Soul: A cast-bronze conch pendant will soon be available. 

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Excavation of the Torah niche in the Dura Europos Synagogue in 1932-33
Source: L’Illustration, 29 July 1933
Maurice Le Palud