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March 23 - 12 Nisan 5773 - Stella’s Verse 1 of ‘Had Gadya after El Lissitzky.

March 23

12 Nisan 5773


Stella’s Verse 1 of ‘Had Gadya after El Lissitzky.’

One small goat Papa bought for two zuzim.


In May 1981, American artist Frank Stella paid a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum.  On exhibit at the time were eleven gouaches by El Lissitzky which were done as preparation for a series of color and black-and-white lithographs entitled ‘Had Gadya.’ Stella was taken with  these gouaches, and his close examination of them occasioned a discussion of the story of the Had Gadya Passover song and Lissitzky’s unique interpretation of it.  In 1982 Stella began the collage studies for the series of prints ‘Had Gadya after El Lissitzky’ exhibited in Tel Aviv.  The series, comprising twelve prints, was completely by Stella in 1984.


Forms resembling cutouts, one of the most prominent hallmarks of Stella’s work, also appear in Lissitzky’s ‘Had Gadya.’


At the central right-hand side…is  cutout whose shape recalls a stereoscope, an instrument by which two pictures of the same object photographed from two different angles can be brought together to appear as one 3-D picture, detached from its background.

-by Edna Moshenson, curator of the show at the Tel Aviv Museum

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