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October 21 • 17 Heshvan 5774 • Conch Pendant of cast-bronze:  A special Hanukkah gift

This Conch Pendant is in the series of pendants based on Jewish art motifs and sources.  The Sukkah Soul pendants offer a connection to our past so we feel close to our history.

Also inspired by ancient coins and seals, these pendants are worn by women and men for casual or dress attire.

Sukkah Soul was inspired by the ancient Dura Europos synagogue paintings, the Beit Alpha synagogue mosaic, and the lintel at Chorazin in which the Conch is shown above the Torah Niche.

Conch shell in ancient art
The conch shell is an ancient symbol used by many cultures. It is found in images of the Torah Shrine, the niche for the scrolls located on the wall facing Jerusalem in ancient synagogues.  The conch form is a natural fit inside the gable, the architectural element at the top of structures. Over time, the conch became a motif related to the Torah Shrine.  The Torah Shrine in ancient synagogues is connected conceptually with the Temple.

Pendants are available on the Sukkah Soul website.

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Conch Pendant

Cast-bronze using the ancient lost wax method