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October 25 - 21 Heshvan 5774 - Wear Your History - Sefirot Triangle Pendant

October 25,
21 Heshvan 5774

Wear Your History

Inspiration for Sefirot Triangle Pendant: The Kabbalah's Sefirot
Through the language of the Sefirot,  G*d is expressed in ten manifestations or emanations, as it were, like kindness, strength and beauty.  All of these manifestations have avenues of connection to one another.  We imagine these energies in triangles forming triads of relationships.

Pendant has 7 triangles corresponding to the 7 Sefirot:
Hesed / Kindness
Gevurah / Strength
Tiferet / Beauty
Netzah / Triumph
Hod / Glory
Yesod / Foundation
Indwelling Presence / Shekhinah

There are ten sefirot and the seven lower sefirot are more accessible than the three upper hidden within the deep mystery of G*dliness.

Sefirot Triangle Pendant is available on the Sukkah Soul website.

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