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October 31 •  27 Heshvan 5774 • Flame pendant and Torah, Rashi and Sforno

Wear Your History

Inspiration for Flame pendant: flames bending toward the center flame in ancient Jewish art images of the Temple Menorah.

Torah, Rashi, and Sforno
‘You shall make its lamps seven; he shall kindle its lamps so as to give light toward its face.’
    -Exodus 25:37  Parashas Terumah

‘When he kindles the lamps, he shall place the respective wicks on the six arms of the Menorah pointing toward the central stern, so that all the flames will be directed toward the center.’

Sforno comments that the three flames on the right symbolize intellectual ideas, and those of the left symbolize thought applied to one’s livelihood.  All should be guided and directed by the centrality of the Torah’s light, as symbolized by the flame of the central shaft.
    -Source for all: Stone Edition Chumash, Artscroll Series, Mesorah Publications, Ltd., New York, footnotes on p. 452

Details are on the Sukkah Soul website.  The Flame pendant is a great Hanukkah gift.

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