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October 5 – 19 Tishrei 5773 •  Chol ha-Mo’ed, weekdays of the festival / Water ceremony

During Sukkot at the time of the Temple, water was poured on the Altar with a special ceremony. There were celebrations throughout the previous night in the Temple courtyard with Levites playing music, and sages singing and dancing during a procession to draw the water for the ceremony at daybreak.  "One who did not see the joy of the water-drawing celebrations," declared the sages of the Talmud, "has not seen joy in his life."  The water-drawing ceremony was held each day of Sukkot with music and dancing on Chol ha-Mo’ed (weekdays) and without music on Shabbat.


Chagall’s inspiration throughout his career:

According to art historian Franz Meyer, Hasidism is a source of inspiration for Chagall: "For Chagall this is one of the deepest sources, not of inspiration, but of a certain spiritual attitude... the Hasidic spirit is still the basis and source of nourishment of his art.’ - Cogniat, Raymond. Chagall, Crown Publishers, Inc. (1978)

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Marc Chagall, 1962