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September 12 - 25 Elul 5772:  In our tradition, 25 Elul is the 1st day of creation.

The Sarajevo Haggadah

It was created during the Golden Age in Spain in the 14th century.  The Haggadah is now on display in Sarajevo.  It travelled to Italy and Sarajevo where it survived the Nazi occupation, the Bosnian War and The Siege of Sarajevo.  It is among the oldest in the world.  The complete history of its travels and owners is unknown.


Half of Folio 1:

This page depicts creation from right to left with freely transmitted texts from Torah written in small letters under each illumination;


a.         And the earth was void…


b.         First day…Let there be light…and God divided the light from the darkness.


c.         Second day…Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters…


d.         Third day…Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place,   and let the dry land appear…Let the earth bring forth grass…

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