What is Sukkah Soul?

Sukkah Soul is dedicated to creating meaningful forms and spaces inspired by text and sources. Our creations are built upon traditional ideas and research renewed with a delicate spiritual energy.

For those searching for a fresh relationship with Jewish ideas, our designs respond to an interest in reinterpreting traditional concepts.

Many of us practice the holidays with renewed interest. We eagerly welcome innovative music, thought and services, and are hungry for personal meaning through ritual.

The positive experience of holiday celebrations contributes to a loving family life, personal growth, inner peace and ultimately, good works in our communities.

Holidays and associated rituals are developed over time from the deep well of source material: text, story and custom. Artfully designed ritual objects can be a vehicle for participation in the holidays.

We plan to offer more items for Jewish celebration soon, so please stay tuned and check back to see what is new.


Sukkah Soul was founded by Susan Shender

A native of Chicago, Susan lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Susan honors her design teacher, Professor Leslie Laskey, with her work.


Sukkah Soul Sukkah

Sukkah Soul Chuppah Kit

Susan Shender, Founder of Sukkah Soul