Customers’ Comments and Sukkah Photos

Our customers are from coast to coast and include:

  • 1st time sukkah owners
  • People who are replacing a sukkah
  • Rabbis
  • People from all movements of Judaism

(Please note that although some customers report they put their sukkah up by themselves, it is recommended that 3 people assemble the sukkah.)

It was a pleasure to construct

because of the elegance of the design which drew me to it in the first place.

Customer in Toronto, Canada

All our guests agreed that it is the best sukkah ever!

We love your sukkah!  We love the airiness, the openness, the feeling of being in nature.  What a wonderful sukkah you designed.  Thank you so much.

Mid-size customer in Denver, CO

Putting up the Sukkah was no problem at all.

We have actually enjoyed it more than we imagined!!  We have been eating every meal in it!  I'm so happy we are starting this tradition.

Customer in Carmel, IN

We had a wonderful communal time

putting it up yesterday,saying blessings and sharing a meal and my girls and I even slept in it despite the 45 degree weather. It is beautiful!

Customer in Saratoga Springs, NY

Our Succah was thrilling.

We enjoyed Sukkoth so much.  We felt our own fragility under the stars, but felt like we were under a Chuppah at the same time,  our Succah dinners were filled with our children and grandchildren, and we also enjoyed gorgeous candle lit elegant dinners in it as well.  Truly memorable.   Thank you.

Large sukkah customer in Dallas, TX

We love it.

It's beautiful and we've been enjoying our time in it.  Thank you!

Mid-size Customer in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

I love the sukkah, and really enjoyed decorating it with my children.

When you get inside you can really see all the fruit we hung from the rafters and all the flower garlands intertwined with the schach. We added paper chains and lights so it looks really festive.

Thanks so much for the excellent customer service. I'm so happy to be one of your customers!

Mid-size Customer in Oceanside, CA

We LOVE the sukkah!

It's really lovely and works very well for us. The open feeling of it really makes it work well in our urban patio--the space doesn't feel cramped at all. It's actually been pretty wet here since Sukkot started, but we have managed several meals in the sukkah between the raindrops and hopefully we'll have good weather through Sunday when we'll do a simchat bat for our new daughter in the sukkah. I'll try and snap a photo and send it. Thanks so much!

Customer in Washington, D.C.

Your directions are superb,

it went together so smoothly and from the moment we smelled the cedar we felt that this was a holy and aesthetic endeavor. We worked slowly because we wanted to be sure we were doing things correctly.

It took three of us a couple of hours from carrying out the pieces to taking photos. It was an easy smooth process- and none of us wanted to rush it.

Even before our sukkah was fully erected, we felt ourselves entering into Z'man Simchateinu---the season of our joy. Its beauty and the sense of holiness that we feel within it cannot be communicated through a photo. It truly is a sukkah for the soul!

Rabbi in Santa Monica, CA

We love the sukkah.

It was pretty easy to put up, and looks really nice.  We’ve had a heat wave, so it’s been lovely to be outside in it.

Customer in Menlo Park, CA

We would like to thank you for your beautiful sukkah.

It was the best sukkah option in so many ways.  We enjoyed Sukkot and entered engagement.

Customer in Lino Lakes, MN

The sukkah has been a lovely addition to our backyard!

I actually put it up practically on my own. My 6 year old helped for a little while (if you call that help) and other than my husband helping me to put the sides together, I did it solo. Attached are some photos of how far we got with decorating before we had to break for shul. The kids are enjoying eating meals outside. Unfortunately, it poured yesterday and this morning so we didn't get to enjoy it then. The kids are bringing over some friends tomorrow so they can show off their sukkah. We live in a very non-Jewish neighborhood so this will be the first sukkah that their friends have ever seen.

Customer in Rockville Centre, NY

The Sukkah is beautiful - it was pretty simple to put together

- we found the fabric was the most time consuming part-- you see we sped up a bit and didn't get it exactly right so we could finish it. I'm sure it will evolve as the kids gets older ( right now 3 and 6)

Mid-size sukkah customer in Bainbridge Island, Washington

The sukkah turned out absolutely beautiful!

The instructions that came with it were very clear and helped tremendously as my husband and I aren't very handy with building things. This was our first sukkah as we only moved into a house this year and we are already looking forward to next year! 

Mid-size Sukkah Customer in Robbinsdale, MN

It is a gorgeous sukkah.

It works perfectly with my table. Yay to you.

Customer in Bloomington, IN

The sukkah looked wonderful.

Thanks for your help.

Mid-size Customer in Sandy Springs, GA

The sukkah looks great.

We had a really nice party there Friday night for my kids’ friends.  Snacks and crafts.  We decorated it Wednesday night and a few hours later, we were hit with a big storm with lots of rain and lightning,  I thought all of our decorations would be destroyed, but they held up really well.   The weather here has not been great, but the sukkah is holding its own.

Customer in Palm City, FL


I have always wanted to build a sukkah and this was the year we finally did it.  I was looking at some of the PVC pipe ones, but I am so glad I selected yours in the end. The wood and diagonal design add so much to its beauty.  The instructions were clear, everything seemed to go up like clockwork.  I also really like the netting. It made decorating so easy. We've woven colorful ribbons through, used pipe cleaners to attach the kids' art, and I made some big canvas banners that hang right off the wing nuts. The design provided amazing "bones" upon which we could make it our own.  I LOVE my sukkah and I'm so happy I chose this one to buy. It stirred up so many happy memories and added many new ones. Thank you!

Mid-size Sukkah Customer in Los Angeles, CA

We absolutely LOVE our Sukkah.

It was pretty straightforward putting it up- just one minor incident when one of the wood slats was facing the wrong way and we had to take it apart and redo it.  Other than that, did not take too long to put it up. Our three boys absolutely love it, and we received a ton of compliments on our Sukkah! Thank you again for your beautiful creation!

Customer in Miami, FL

It was really easy to put it up and our family and friends enjoyed it a lot.

Even though it was more rainy than sunny in Seattle, it was still wonderful.

Customer in Seattle, WA

The Sukkah was perfect

for the space we had, near the pool, all the family enjoyed it, especially the kids that helped us  arranging it.  We hung several bunches of yellow lemons that looked like etrogim, and  sixteen plastic candles as a complementary light source . The night ambiance was great too.

Customer in Miami, FL

The sukkah is magnificent and we have enjoyed a wonderful holiday.

Our friends and family were in awe of the sukkah's uniqueness and beauty. It has been a pleasure to 'meet' and do business with you.  Please use us as a reference!

Mid-size customer in Montville, NJ

We love it.

We’ve actually had a lot of rain and wind, but that hasn’t really diminished the beauty of the sukkah.  We had a party on the Sunday just after Yom Kippur to put it up.  It took a long time (2.5 hours), even though my husband is very competent at these types of things and there were a bunch of guys working on it together.  He insists it won’t take nearly as long to take it down or to put it up next year. Anyway, we’ve really been enjoying it.  The decorations are sparse, but we’ll continue to add to them over the years, and even with sparse decorations it is quite festive and beautiful. Thanks for such a beautiful sukkah.  Sukkot is very important to us (we were married the day before sukkot and our anniversary this year was erev sukkot), and I’m so glad we have such a beautiful sukkah to celebrate in!

Mid-size Sukakh Customer in Tenafly, NJ

The directions were great.

I managed to put it up with no difficulty. It was very beautiful and got many comments. Thank you for helping me. I was very happy. I appreciate you getting back to me and the fact you care so much about your customers. That is a rare trait today. I enjoyed doing business with you.

Customer in Edison, NJ

We just finished a big block party with over 30 people and everyone thought the Sukkah was stunning!

Lots of compliments and one potential sale next year. My wife, curator in the world of architecture, really raves about it. We put up some LED solar powered lights, tiny ones, and they look great at night.  I did hire a handyman, and a handy neighbor chipped in, to put it together, it was a bit challenging the first time.  I am a klutz.  But it really looks great. Thanks again!

Customer in Louisville, KY

The sukkah is beautiful

- it was up during a baby shower I hosted so I had many visitors to the sukkah. The instructions were great for putting up the sukkah. I was thrilled with the simplicity of the process overall.  My married kids (who were visiting) were very excited over the sukkah and, since they are now building their own home, they will be in the market for their own sukkah in a very short while.  I will definitely get them connected with you!

Customer in Centerville, OH

It was fairly straightforward to put up

and we are really enjoying the sukkah.

Customer in Palo Alto, CA

The Sukkah was great.

It was relatively easy to put up and taking down went very smoothly.  I did it with my 10 year old daughter.  We enjoyed having our first family sukkah.

Mid-size Customer in Needham, MA

The Sukkah looks really nice and was easy to put up.

Everything has gone very well and we are really happy with it.  It looks beautiful and the inmates are enjoying their time of fellowship.

Chaplain at Federal Correctional Institution in California

I want to tell you that I am in love with my Succah!

and so is everyone else who dined in it.  I must have had 27 people over since Wednesday evening - and everyone loved it! Thanks again - it has been a joy. I am a very happy customer and sukkah soul owner!

Customer in Lake Worth, FL

I love the SukkahSoul sukkah.

When I was a young teenager, I hated being nagged into putting up our old sukkah in our back yard. It took forever, and it wasn’t very pretty — even after it was decorated. The Sukkah Soul sukkah is beautiful. It goes up much more easily, and we put it on our deck. I’m in college now, and when I come home and we’re eating outside, I think about how nice it would be to be having dinner in our cozy, new sukkah, rather than just sitting at a table. Who would have ever believed that that whiney teenager would become such a big fan?

Daughter of Customer in St. Louis, MO

I loved our Sukkah

It was beautiful. We did not want to take it down. Thank you for making it.

Customer in Owings Mills, MD

Your Sukkah is as beautiful as the web site shows.

Thank you for all your kindness. I have told many folks in Atlanta about you.

Customer in Atlanta, GA

I love my SukkahSoul sukkah. In fact, I was sad to take it down as the holiday closed.

I grew up with Sukkot being a synagogue-based holiday. We made decorations in religious school. We decorated the sukkah at our temple. We sat in the sukkah — at temple. It wasn't until I had my own home, my own family, and a renewed interest in Jewish studies that I thought about embracing Sukkot as a home-based holiday. I bought a sukkah kit in the early 90s and left it in the garage for several years before I first set it up. I enjoyed it, but it was a lot of work to erect and take down for the three or four years I used it — and the structure itself was not only cumbersome, it wasn't very attractive.

The SukkahSoul sukkah is beautiful — even without decorations. It is much easier to put together and take down. It is easier to store. I didn't hesitate getting help to put it up since I am quick to admit that I am spatially impaired.

I delighted in having my morning coffee there. My husband and teenage daughters, who were initially less than enthusiastic about having a sukkah, loved our meals in it. They invited their friends to share it with them. Even our neighbors expressed pleasure in seeing it from their yards.

The investment to purchase this sukkah was well worth it as it will bring years of pleasure. I feel like I have a gift in the new year, as I embrace an old tradition and reclaim it for my family and myself.

Customer in St. Louis, MO

We love our Sukkah Soul Sukkah!

It is beautiful inside and out, and we look forward to putting it up again next year. We had never built a sukkah before. Putting it up was fun — we had a few friends over after sundown last Monday night and built the frame while we ate sweets! This kit gave our family a new tradition, and it connected us to a wonderful Jewish holiday! Thank you so much!

Customer in Beachwood, OH

The succah is so beautiful!

It arrived early and the directions were easy to follow. We only had 2 adults actually doing the building and it was fine. We didn't need a third. It took about 2 1⁄2 hours, but we had 3 little kids "helping." Thanks for a wonderful product.

3rd year using the sukkah:
We are loving it. And our guests always marvel at how pretty it is. The Jewish ones in particular like it much better than the usual metal ones they see. Thanks for your creative genius!

Customer who moved from
Chesterfield, MO to Redwood City, CA

I am very, very excited.

The directions were great. One person helped me. He was tall, I am short. I did the netting by myself. I decorated with leaves on see-through tape. The decorating took longer than I thought and I never finished decorating. Next year I will string pine cones ahead of time and I will use grasses.

We have a 48” round table with 6 chairs in it, however 8 people can fit.

I see it as an investment for my grandchildren.

It is a pleasure doing business with you. We love it, thank you.

Customer in Pittsburgh, PA

The sukkah that you designed is great!

Beautiful and easy to put together.

Customer in Newton Highlands, MA

It was a dream come true.

It was such a joy to be able to assemble so quickly my first sukkah. I can’t wait to use it again next Sukkot. I look forward to making it look different every year and improvising with decorations.

The following year:
I love my sukkah so much. I was sad to take it down. The fabric is ingenious. The sukkah looks so beautifu

Customer in St. Louis, MO

I enjoyed the sukkah very much

My nephew helped me put it up.

Customer in Golden Valley, MN

The sukkah is up and looks quite beautiful

I had my babysitter and building porter construct the wooden structure which took a few hours. My husband and I put up the fabric in about an hour. Now that we know how to do it I think it will all go much faster!

Large Sukkah Customer in New York City, NY

It is so beautiful with the outdoor in!!

We put up the succah near the waterfalls at the side of our house. That is why I wanted to see through walls. It looks so nice since our house is modern it seems to just fit. We did not do much decorating...just some bamboo poles and greenery on top...a few gourds and corn hanging. It was great having it this holiday season.

Customer in Riverdale, NY

We truly love our sukkah.

Everything arrived in perfect shape and it was a breeze to put up! The kids had a great time putting all the decorations on the sukkah and are asking all their friends over to eat in it. On Wednesday Michael's pre-school class is coming over to have lunch in our sukkah. He is so excited. Chelsea wants to spend the night in it, but it is still 90 plus degrees outside, so I don't know if she would make it through the night.

Thanks so much for your time. We are really pleased!

Customer in Dallas, TX

It went up beautifully — to my surprise, because it is so intricate looking.

We wanted the feeling of building something real as a family. The cedar wood structure made that family experience happen. The sukkah is so beautiful and artistic, we loved having it in our yard.

Customer in Chicago, IL

Everyone loves it.

All the younger kids on our street are asking their parents to put up a sukkah now. It was easy to put together, I did it mostly alone. Thank you for everything.

Customer in Wynnewood, PA

Your sukkah design is awesome.

It is beyond what I can express in words. Your insight, talent and ability to create it are wonderful. It was easy to assemble with its great instructions.

Large Sukkah Customer in Waco, TX

Putting it up was a breeze.

Thank you!

Customer in Rye, NY

We are enjoying the sukkah.

It took three hours for two adult men and one woman to put it up. We did laugh a lot and had a good time. Next time I am going to do it with three women. The fabric cover is great. I'm so glad I purchased it from you. We have decorated it very simply. Palm branches on top, new years cards hung on the front panel. My grandson made a chain of colored construction paper to hang across the front portal. It has held up well despite lots of wind and some rain.

Customer in Nogales, AZ

We had a wonderful celebration in our sukkah this afternoon

We invited a bunch of families over and had a rabbi talk about the holiday. All the children made paper dolls and we connected them and hung them around the walls of the sukkah (signifying not only how all Jews are connected but showing our long history back to Abraham). It was very fun and we now have friends who are inspired to get their own sukkahs. We will be sending them your website for purchase.

Customer in Ross, CA

The sukkah is very nice.

We made a family project out of the construction.

Customer in Scottsdale, AZ

I purchased a sukkah from your company this year for my granddaughter

We chose your design because it has such elegant style. My son-in-law, David, and I did the work and it went quickly and smoothly even with the help of our seven year old.

We had many joyous meals in the lovely new addition to their home. After one such dinner, David was looking serious and I asked him what he was thinking. His answer was, "This is a really beautiful structure. I wish we could keep it up all year." Thank you for providing our family with a practical, well designed, ceremonial structure that was easy to assemble and equally easy to disassemble and store. I especially like the airy white covering. It added just the right amount of enclosure without eliminating the feeling of being outdoors.

Customer in Santa Cruz, CA

We like the sukkah.

The black fabric looks great at night and overall the sukkah is very nice.

Customer in Knoxville, TN

We got the sukkah and I’m so excited.

The kids and I are having a ball deciding how we'll decorate our very first sukkah. I took it upon myself to put it up. Me with my broken foot, my two girls (5 and 7) and one of their friends (5). We had all four sides together and were putting in the last of the bolts when daddy pulled up and jumped in. While getting it up with only the help of small children is not optimal, it is possible—save the roof rafters.

We did enjoy it and we did eat in it, and I love it. It's easy to put up and take down.

Customer in Atlanta, GA

I enjoyed this beautiful Sukkah tremendously.

Although I have loved the holiday since I was a kid, I had never owned my own Sukkah. From gathering friends to erect and decorate it, to eating meals in, to finally reluctantly taking it down, I really enjoyed this sukkah.

Customer in St. Louis, MO

We enjoyed it so much. It was beautiful and magical.

It was much easier to put up than our previous sukkah and we could see the ocean through the panel! Very pleasant. Thanks so much.

Customer in Los Angeles, CA

It is by far the most aesthetically pleasing experience I have ever had in a sukkah.

We LOVE the sukkah. It is a huge success. Kids couldn't be happier and older 2 have slept in it each night. Our first dinner, we put an oriental carpet down and ate lounging on pillows. Felt like we were in Morocco. The moon has been gorgeous. Kids just so happy. Thank you so much!

Customer in New York City, NY

My sukkah is more beautiful than you would believe,

my friends and community are speechless. For all the many different sukkahs in the community, we never saw one quite like this.

Customer in Bala Cynwyd, PA

We are enjoying the sukkah immensely.

For the last two nights, my wife and daughters had dinner in the Sukkah. I couldn't because I was stuck at work. Putting it up was not bad. My dad was impressed by the directions. I had my dad, brother and father-in-law help me. It took 2 hours. We had a great time putting it up. You put together a very nice system. On Sunday, we had my daughter's 2nd birthday party at our house. We got lots of comments about how beautiful the sukkah was. I'm sad I have to take it down.

Customer in Maplewood, NJ

We are very happy with the product

and the frame was easy to construct.

Customer in Austin, TX

We love the Sukkah!

My husband put it up on Monday and it is beautiful. We have gotten so many compliments. We're having a Sukkah party on Sunday. Thanks so much.

Customer in Northport, NY

My wife and I felt it was one of those holy and spiritual experiences putting the Sukkah together.

Thank you so much. We have had gorgeous weather here in New Jersey for all of Sukkot and have enjoyed the Sukkah from beginning to end. We had an open house yesterday and everyone marveled at its beautiful design

Customer (who is a cantor) living in Freehold, NJ

Your gorgeous sukkah

magically transformed our backyard space into a fairy tale. It added something beautiful to my life. Thanks so much.

Large Sukkah Customer in Rego Park, NY

The sukkah is gorgeous and the assembly of it was a beautiful process

as we learned how it all connected. I am so pleased with this sukkah, it is the best one we have ever had! I explored new territory by being the first in my subdivision ever to ask to put up a sukkah, so I was able to do some education about the holiday; and I am so pleased to have such a beautiful result to bear out my descriptions of the holiday. Thank you for your wonderful design.

Customer (who is a Rabbi) in Myrtle Beach, SC

The sukkah went up very easily.

My husband and I had no problems at all our first time around. The bolt-and-wing nut design was really quick. And "it looks just like the picture," too!

Customer (who is a Rabbi) in Cornwall, VT

The sukkah is great.

Wonderful moons here too and we are in a bad drought, so the only good news is it won't rain on the sukkah! Thanks again. Sukkah set up in a little over 2 hours and is the nicest I've seen.

Customer in Charlotte, NC

My sukkah is beautiful.

I bought two different types of extra wide fabric (wide enough to cover the length of one side). I used the plastic ties to attach it to the frame. The other fabric was used to drape the front and inside corners. I decorated the rafters with strands of silk fall leaves that included little apples and pears. I wove strings of patio lights in with the strands. Other silk flowers were used as accents at the entrance. The roof was corn stalks, which added character to the structure. It really was gorgeous. I managed the setup fairly easily. Everyone loved my sukkah and bragged to their friends about how beautiful it was. Thank you for the creative, soulful design of the framework. It allowed me to be creative and own a sukkah like no other.

Customer in Colorado Springs, CO

I am very happy with the Sukkah and the easy set up.

It is such a blessing for me this year, more than others.

Customer in Charlotte, NC

The sukkah is beautiful.

We have had many guests and all agreed. Putting it up was not bad. My brother-in-law did most of it and he is a handyman by trade, so I got lucky. Really pretty simple once you got used to it. We have had a lot of rain down here in Miami Beach but have managed to still eat all our meals in the beautiful sukkah. Thank you so very much for your beautiful design and understanding. We look forward to many years of sharing, bonding and enjoying in our new sukkah.

Customer in Miami Beach, FL

What joy.

We're having people over many nights. A lovely ritual we plan to celebrate every year from now on.

Customer in Washington, DC

The simplicity and beauty of your sukkah design is perfect for us.

We are enjoying our sukkah very very much! My husband and I spent a few hours getting it erected and were able to do just about everything ourselves. It is wonderful to fully enjoy Sukkot with this mitzvah. I especially love the cedar wood and the netting because I am somewhat claustrophobic and seeing through the netting permits me to feel comfortable. Tonight, my parents, two children and two grandchildren joined us for dinner in our sukkah. We will have guests for just about each lunch and dinner for the remainder of the holiday. Your packaging and instructions are excellent, and the investment was well worth the cost. Hope you are enjoying the holiday as well, and thank you for helping us to enrich ours.

Customer in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Everyone has been asking me about where I got my sukkah.

It is very beautiful. We had a lot of fun decorating it. Bat mitzvah was yesterday with the lunch here at the house. Everyone admired the sukkah.

Customer in Arlington, VA

Our friends were impressed with the sukkah and liked the design very much.

We enjoyed the sukkah for several days and then today we got hit with a big rain storm today. Ugh! Still we ate dinner out in the sukkah on Wed & Thurs, had friends over on Friday and did Shabbat blessings in it, and my husband has been enjoying sitting out in it and just reading.

Customer in Portland, OR

The sukkah looks great!

We had no trouble putting it up, and found some beautiful vines in my flowerbeds to drape over the rafters and it looked so beautiful.

Customer in Wilmette, IL

What a MAGNIFICENT Sukkah.

It took 3 experienced guys 3 hours to assemble including the roof (schach), but is it ever worth it!!!! It is sturdy, like a building, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, well-made, KOSHER, and beyond all of our expectations! WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH OUR GORGEOUS SUKKAH!!!!!!

Everyone who came for our Sukkah building party was just AMAZED. They said it was the most beautiful Sukkah they had ever seen!

I will spread the word about your wonderfully made, quality, beautiful Sukkah! It is worth every penny. We can't stop looking at it.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your beautiful soul that gives your SukkahSoul!

Customer (who is a Rabbinical student) in Los Angeles, CA

The design is beautiful and cleverly stable.

My son, who was really feeling sick, was so excited to put up our sukkah that he forgot for a while exactly how poorly he was feeling. There is something in the triangles that made my son (age 14 on Sukkot) say, "I see Jewish stars going into the heavens." I could see it, too!

Customer in San Francisco, CA

It was lovely.

Setting it up went smoothly once I understood everything. Taking it down was very easy and went quickly.

Large Sukkah Customer in Waban, MA

We love our sukkah.

On Sunday, we're having a sukkah party for 60 of our friends and we're looking forward to showing it off!

Customer from Erwinna, PA

Thank you so much for designing such a beautiful Sukkah!

I unpacked the boxes on Monday, and the directions were so clear and the Sukkah so intelligently designed, I was able to assemble it myself. (Please note, Sukkah Soul recommends 3 people for assembly.) We're enjoying it immensely, and the weather here in Vail has been perfect for Sukkot.

Customer in Vail, CO

Our Sukkah was so beautiful…we were so very happy and honored to have it.

My husband, sister and I put it together in about 4 hours, and my husband and I had it taken down and put away in 3 hours. It was so beautiful, and exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you for being available. What a wonderful resource SukkahSoul is. Everything was exactly as advertised, and as promised.

Customer in Petaluma, CA

Thank you so much for the incredible Sukkah!!!

My 7 year old son and I spent about four hours putting up the Sukkah. I am confident that it would have gone a lot faster if he was an adult. He was much better at tasks that did not require any height. Initially, he had trouble tying on the fabric to the bottom. He quickly figured out how to tie on the fabric and completed his side faster than me! Now you can advertise that assembly is so easy—even a seven year old can do it!

Customer in Chappaqua, NY

The sukkah is beautiful!

I just want to let you know that we put up our Sukkah and it looked beautiful — even before we decorated it. The frame is very elegant and it fits our terrace space perfectly. We draped it in cloth, decorated it and put cedar branches on the roof.

I also want to let you know that it was VERY EASY to put together. It is so well designed and very intuitive. It took around 2 hours to put together. The directions were very helpful with its arrows and description. Taking it down and storing it was just as easy.

Overall, it is a very elegant and simple design.

So anyway, we are THRILLED with it. We got so many compliments on our sukkah and we avidly recommend your sukkah. Thank you so much for designing such a beauty.

Customer in New York City, NY

A Beacon in Pittsburgh

Mid-size sukkah

Mid-size sukkah

Decorated sukkah 48" round table with 6-8 seats

Large sukkah seats up to 16.

Customer uses 30" wide tables.

(Customer provided the floor.)

Skirball Cultural Center - Mid-size sukkah
Table with 10 seats, Los Angeles, CA

(The schach is drooping, the top of the sukkah is straight.)

Decorated sukkah, 54" round table with 6 seats

on customer's balcony

Decorated sukkah

Decorated sukkah

Decorated sukkah

Mid-size sukkah with innovative bamboo sides

On customer's deck, Rockville Centre, NY

2005 Customer's Sukkah through the years

2005 Customer's Sukkah through the years

2005 Customer's Sukkah through the years

2005 Customer's Sukkah through the years