Celebrating Judaism Alfresco

The inspiration for this sukka—made of cedar, steel and net siding—comes from architect and SukkahSoul Company founder Susan Shender’s spiritual searching, and from her disappointment in traditional sukka kits.

While enrolled in a Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Jewish program some years ago, Shender and her study partners decided to erect a sukka. But the outdated kit they had to work with came lacking instructions and aesthetic appeal, and the finished product had to be stabilized with additional slats of wood. The challenge of designing a striking and sturdy sukka immediately appealed to Shender. Building on the commandment to beautify the mitzvot, she turned her professional expertise to creating a simple-to-assemble and attractive sukka that stores easily. The result is the SukkahSoul sukka (www.sukkahsoul.com).

“Love of the ritual and appreciation for sources came together for me in the beauty of a good design, and it was a profound experience,” Shender says. “I hope the beauty of the physical environment deepens delight and pleasure in the celebration of this holiday.”

by Libby Goldberg
Hadassah Magazine
August / September 2007