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Wear Your History

The Conch Pendant is in the pendant series based on Jewish art motifs and sources.  The Sukkah Soul pendants offer a connection to our past so we feel close to our history.


The pendant is made of cast-bronze using the ancient lost-wax method and is a signed, limited edition of museum quality.


Inspired by ancient coins and seals, the pendants are worn by women and men for casual or dress attire.


Rich in color, the light affects the polished bronze in various ways as shown by the photos.


Inspiration: Conch shell above Torah niche

The Conch pendant is inspired by the conch shell above the Torah niche in ancient Jewish art. The first and last letters of the Proto-Hebrew alphabet are below the conch, the Alef and the Tav, written right to left.  They symbolize all knowledge in Torah.


Conch shell in ancient art

The conch shell is an ancient symbol used by many cultures. It is found in images of the Torah Shrine, the niche for the scrolls located on the wall facing Jerusalem in ancient synagogues.  The conch form is a natural fit inside the gable, the architectural element at the top of structures. Over time, the conch became a motif related to the Torah Shrine.  The Torah Shrine in ancient synagogues is connected conceptually with the Temple.

‘Its position at the top of the niche which served as an ark [in Dura Europos synagogue] stressed the spiritual meanings given to the conch in Jewish tradition.  From this position, it served to protect the Torah and to bestow a feeling of security on behalf of the invisible almighty power.’

       -Ida Huberman, Living Symbols; Symbols in Jewish Art and Tradition, Modan Publisher Ltd., Israel, 1996, p. 35


Lost-Wax Bronze Casting - an ancient process

These pendants are fine art bronze castings using the lost wax method.  The lost wax method of bronze casting was developed in the Ancient Near East in the late 4th millennium BCE, found then both in ancient Ur and Egypt.

This ancient process is used today to create fine art bronzes that embody the artist’s touch.  In the pieces, you can see the imprint of the artist’s hand molding clay and modeling wax.  It is a labor-intensive process, demonstrating fine craft with 5000 years of history utilized during the time of Abraham.


Conch Pendant description

Signed, Limited Edition of Museum Quality

At the bottom of the pendant are the proto-Hebrew letters Aleph and Tav (reading right to left).  The first and last letters of the alphabet symbolize the whole alphabet and all it created in Torah.

Pendant is cast bronze, relief, highly polished

•  1-7/8 inch diameter

   weighs about 1-3/4 ounce

•  Approx. 25 inch leather with recycled 1/2-inch

   diameter glass bead

   Leather is round in shape and dark brown in color.

   Bead color varies within the bead and from bead to     


•  Necklace slips over your head.

Base Price: $395.00 $345.00 + 10.00 for shipping and handling UPS Ground. Contact us for air and international shipping.


Conch Pendant
Conch Pendant Conch Pendant Proto-Hebrew Tav and Proto-Hebrew Alef Dura Europos Torah niche with conch sculpted in niche and a conch shown on painting above niche<br>Source: L'Illustration, 29 July 1933, Maurice Le Palud Dura Europos Torah niche with conch sculpted in niche and a conch shown on painting above niche Synagogue at Chorazin, decorated stone with conch<br>Provided by Avishai Teicher via the PikiWiki - Israel Free Image Collection Project Synagogue at Chorazin, decorated stone lintel with conch<br>Photo by Conch above Torah shrine, Synagogue floor, Stone and glass mosaic, Beth Shean, 5th–7th century CE<br>Collection the Israel Antiquities Authority<br>
Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem Conch at top of Torah Shrine,Synagogue mosaic floor at Tzippori<br>Photo by Itamar Grinberg Thickness of pendants Pendant Series inspired by Jewish art motifs Pendant Series inspired by Paleo-Hebrew and Hebrew Hand of G*d, Conch, Flame pendants<br>All found in ancient synagogue mosaics Bead color varies within the bead and from bead to bead. Conch Pendant Conch Pendant Pendant with dark brown, round leather cord<br>Secured with bead