Tav Sefirot Pendant •    Hebrew Pendant Series

Wear Your History

Words and writing are central to Jewish identity.  The ancient hand that carved and wrote was the inspiration for the pendant series based on Paleo-Hebrew and Hebrew.

The pendant is made of cast-bronze using the ancient lost-wax method and is a signed, limited edition of museum quality. The pendant offers a connection to our past so we feel close to our history.


Inspired by ancient coins and seals, the pendants are worn by women and men for casual or dress attire.


Rich in color, the light affects the polished bronze in various ways as shown by the photos.


Inspiration:  The Kabbalah's Sefirot

Through the language of the Sefirot,  G*d is expressed in ten manifestations or emanations, as it were, like kindness, strength and beauty.  All of these manifestations have avenues of connection to one another.  We imagine these energies in triangles forming triads of relationships.

Chet          Gimel


is central in the Sefirot, the midsection so to speak, the right and left and balanced center.


(grace) is thus the fourth sefirah and is the irrepressibly expanding impulse, of Gedulah (greatness) of love and growth.


(beauty) is the combination of harmony, truth, compassion


(power) is restraint and concentration, control as well as fear and awe.

    -Adin Steinsaltz, The Thirteen Petalled Rose, Basic Books, USA, p. 39


Twenty-two elemental letters.

God engraved them, carved them, weighed the, permuted them, and transposed them forming with them everything formed and everything destined to be formed….Thus all that is formed, all that is spoken emerges from one name

    -Daniel C. Matt, The Essential Kabbalah, Castle Books, New Jersey, 1997, p. 102


Lost-Wax Cast Bronze – an ancient process

These Judaica pendants are fine art bronze castings using the lost wax method.  The lost wax method of bronze casting was developed in the Ancient Near East in the late 4th millennium BCE, found then both in ancient Ur and Egypt. 

This ancient process is used today to create fine art bronzes that embody the artist’s touch.  In the pieces, you can see the imprint of the artist’s hand molding clay and modeling wax.  It is a labor-intensive process, demonstrating fine craft with 5000 years of history utilized during the time of Abraham.


Tav Sefirot Pendant description                       

Signed, Limited Edition of Museum Quality

Pendant is cast bronze relief, highly polished

•  13/16 inch high, 13/16 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick

   weighs about 1/4 ounce

•  Approx. 23 inch leather with recycled 1/2-inch

   diameter glass bead

   Leather is round in shape and dark brown in color.

   Bead color varies within the bead and from bead to   


•  Necklace slips over your head.

•  Nylon cord available instead of leather cord.

Base Price: $195.00 $149.00 + 10.00 for shipping and handling UPS Ground. Contact us for air and international shipping.


Tav Pendant
Tav pendant Kaballah's Sefirot diagram Sefirot, Chet, Tav, Gimel pendants Sefirot, Chet, Tav, Gimel pendants Tav Pendant Chet, Tav, Gimel pendants Sefirot, Chet, Tav, Gimel pendants Bead color varies within the bead and from bead to bead. Tav Pendant Pendant with dark brown, round leather cord<br>Secured with bead