Comprehensive detailed instructions are included with each kit.

The following are abbreviated.


People you will need:

  • The sukkah kit includes really good instructions for people who are handy and comfortable reading instructions. But, if you hesitate to assemble things and read instructions, hire or ask someone to help you who is handy and comfortable with instructions.
  • It is best to have a minimum of 3 people to help erect the sukkah your first time. Once you are familiar with the assembly, 2 people can erect it.  It is fun, though, for a group to build it.


Your sukkah is partially assembled.

  • Assembly is completed with the installation of bolts, washers and wing nuts included with your sukkah kit and installed by you into pre-drilled holes.


Tools / Equipment you will need:

  •     phillips head screwdriver and slotted screwdriver
  •     work gloves for handling the wood
  •     step stool or ladder
  •     tape measure to measure 7 feet
  •     tin snips for fabric connectors

4 boxes will be delivered to you containing the sukkah. (Fig 1.)

  • Each box contains a kit for one of the four sides of the sukkah.
  • Each box contains one of the four roof rafters.
  • Bolts, washers, wing nuts and stakes are included.
  • Each assembly is clearly marked.


1 box will be delivered to you containing the fabric sides.


The following shows you how it is assembled:

  • More detailed instructions are included with your sukkah.


General assembly of each side:

  • Layout the wood to form the sides. (Fig 2.)
  • The diagonals are then bolted to the horizontal with the enclosed bolt, washers and wing nut through a pre-drilled hole. (Fig 3.)


To erect the sukkah, first erect sides 1 and 2:

  • One person lifts up one side. Another person lifts up the adjacent side. (Fig 4.)
  • A third person installs bolts at the bottom corner and bolts at the top corner.
  • Erect third side. Install bolts. (Fig 5.)
  • Erect fourth side. Install bolts. (Fig 6.)


Now the roof rafters can be installed. (Fig 7.)

  • Position each rafter and install the bolts at each side into pre-drilled holes.
  • Secure each side with stakes.


Install the fabric sides. (Fig 8.)


You are now ready to decorate your sukkah.

  • See Additional Information: Requirements for Safety, Decorations and Roofing (schach).


Disassembly: (Fig 9.)

  • Take the sukkah down carefuly in the opposite order of its assembly.
  • Tie assemblies for each side together along with one roof rafter for easier handling.


Storing your sukkah until next year:

  • See Additional Information: Storage of the Sukkah.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5.

Fig 6.

Fig 7.

Fig 8.

Fig 9.